Volkswagen e-Golf “Beauté du Silence”

Sur mobile, 80% des utilisateurs regardent les vidéos sans le son. Alors pour parler à sa cible et promouvoir son modèle 100% électrique qui lui aussi est silencieux, Volkswagen se joue des usages et lance un film : La beauté du silence.

DDB Paris, Maul Production.



Apple “Through the eye of Michel Gondry”

On the set of Michel Gondry’s new short film “Detour”, I shot a set of inspiring masterclasses that show how the film was made and some of Gondry’s preferred filmmaking techniques including stop motion and perspective tricks.

Sur le tournage de son court-métrage “Détour”, j’ai filmé six masterclasses où Michel Gondry nous explique comment utiliser ses techniques cinématographiques préférées.

Enjoy !

Client : Apple
Agency : TBWA/Media Arts Lab, London.
Production : Partizan, June 2017.





Modjo’s “Lady” : memories of the video

May 2000. One day, my producer Anath sends me this tune “Lady (Hear me tonight)” and asks me to think about a music video. I listen a lot to the song, I find it absolutely melancholic and very romantic. Sadness mixed with joy.
So I come up with this bitter teenager love story :
Three teenagers, two boys and one girl, decide to run away together, and they want to have pleasure, fun and escape reality.
I write it quite fast, with “Virgin Suicides” and “Boys Don’t Cry” in mind.

Modjo, the band is french, but they made the choice to sing to everyone in the world : in english.
I am french too and I thought the video had to look the same, to be able to talk to everyone in the world, to be the most universal possible.
I wanted it to look like a mix of the USA and my french suburban hometown.
This is how, in June 2000, we take a plane and end up in Montreal, Quebec.

In Montreal we organize a casting session to find our three young heroes.
I was looking for three teenagers with a real relationship between them, no matter if it was friendship or love.
That’s how we found our beautiful teenager trio, three real friends in life : Sarah-Jane, Patrice and Gilles.

In June 2000, we went on a road trip on the roads of Quebec.

Locations are listed on this page :

Yann and Romain (from Modjo) appear in the video : they sell the car to the three teenagers.

This version is of course the Official version of the video. But MTV edited one shot out of the video… Do you know which one ? 😉


Capture d’écran 2016-06-29 à 09.40.32

These are Polaroids from “Lady” Casting session

1. Sarah-Jane.   2. Patrice.

3. Gilles.  4. Patrice, Sarah-Jane, Gilles.